cracked earth and moonshine…

Last night as I lay awake thinking a bit too much, some words written nearly a decade ago came back to speak to me:

I will not write, or weep, or live a cliché.
Mine is the portrait of the cracked earth,
Mine the shifting sigh of leaf fall.

There is an art in the abandonment of the broken,
And I am as empty as the rain.

The stars do not need to sail the sheer for me.
Sunrises whisper and the moonshine grows shy,
Shadows melt into the bright glaze of memory,
And darkness ebbs to a shiver,
But I hold the colour of the universe.

Nothing can shade me out,
When each grey day has such splendour.
I’ll rock my soul through stormy seas,
Weary joy wild with questionings,
But still I come, moving ever closer,
To the clearer within,
To the beginning.

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7 Responses to cracked earth and moonshine…

  1. Poignant and beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Magical words that reflect the road you were traveling

  3. Nice sentiments, and incredible picture!

  4. Absolutely beautiful, and deeply moving. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to read your artfully crafted words.

  5. The T says:

    “Empty as the rain” …water is the element of life and holds the greatest gift…the promise of tomorrow… You are like the plant who simply needs care, a bit of fantastic love, and a bit of rain to wash your troubles away…


  6. This was a wonderful way to begin my day! I will be repeating the last section as I make my way, remembering that “nothing can shade me out”. Thanks!

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