it’s all about me…

You all get so much of me, and yet in many ways you know so little of me. It seems a little unbalanced so I thought I would write down some random facts:

I buy things to decorate the house I know I may never have.

I find myself on hilltops and get lost in skies.

I wish I owned a mini trampoline because bouncing has me laughing even on the worst days. Moving moves my moods.

I like being under stars better than being anywhere else.

Eating bacon is my way of telling myself I’ve come home.

Countries are so tumbled together in my head that sometimes it takes me time to remember which memory came from where.

I collect waifs and strays without quite meaning to, but love that something about me makes people feel safe.

I’ve done many things I’m ashamed of but more things that make me laugh.

I love polka dots… and ladybirds.

Red is my favourite colour – it makes me want to touch things.

I’ll do just about any kind of work – I cleaned houses where people had died, did a spell as a grape feeding Roman slave girl, worked as a glamour make up artist..

I will eat almost anything – with the exception of raw organs!

I love telling stories but try curb my enthusiasm to spare my audience..

The things I want the most are the things that frighten me most.

I wish I was a lot braver than I am.

I make friends in strange places (a bus stop, a supermarket queue, the chip shop)  and keep them for years.

I can’t sustain unhappiness in a hammock.

People tend to tell me things they don’t tell other people.

I have an utterly irrational hatred of the colour orange – I flippantly claim PTSD but suspect it’s another sign of how stubborn I can be.

I find it easier to forgive because I know I’ve done things that are pretty unforgivable.

I’m told I am a natural born flirt – but I think it’s just that I find almost everyone interesting in at least some way.

I often wonder if other people feel things the way I feel.

My avatar picture is of a patchwork quilt I hand stitched to keep myself sane whilst my dad was dying. I ended up making two…

I never seem to manage to be all that single for all that long.

I love horror films but I’ve been successfully going cold turkey because they scare me silly.

Some people say I’m a maneater and I truly don’t see why.

I’ve moved half a world away for someone I loved more than once and I would do it again in a second.

If you hold my hands still, I’ll find it hard to talk.

I’m bad at jokes but funnier in person.

I read a lot of poetry as a teenager and sometimes wonder who I would have been if I hadn’t.

If I can’t do something with passion I struggle to see the point in doing it.

I am surprisingly methodical.

I love good banter.

I occasionally think always looking on the bright side is a kind of a curse..

I  remind myself to be the person I want to be rather than who I suspect I really am.

Ordinary people impress me.

I bite my lip when I’m worried and sometimes I only know I’m worrying when I notice that I’ve chewed on through.

I am a sucker for a well written letter.

I wish I knew you better….

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10 Responses to it’s all about me…

  1. Hope says:

    I love this! Made me Smile. Thanks for sharing

  2. What a generous and wonderful list of facts, to let us know you across space and time. I have wondered about your avatar picture and it was nice, and not surprising to hear the connection to your dad. Made me smile too!

    • Hello Growthlines,making that quilt started off as a way to keep myself busy through the long hours sitting quietly by his side. With time it began to look like a quilt but also a metaphor for my efforts to pull together the scraps, the good moments, the conversations and to make them into something beautiful that would last and stay with me as a reminder once the time had passed.

  3. The more we all share the more we are aware of how alike we all are ~ idiosyncrasies ~ a word I had to google spell check ~ close to idiocrazies ~ so we all have them in different ways ~ shine and keep on shining your spirit and heart.
    Angel Love,

  4. The T says:

    I don’t see you as a man eater. I think you’re honest and you wear your heart on your sleeve and it’s difficult to see thru your experiences what is left of the emerging woman you are yet to find. I admire you more than I could ever describe in words…


  5. Kristie West says:

    I have a mini-tramp! Next time you can come to my house and bounce on it.

  6. How delightful! The world is a happier place for having you in it, and you are an amazingly generous and caring friend. It was lovely to read through this fascinating list.

  7. Girl, we are a lot alike! You make me smile and I’m glad to “know” you. 🙂 Great post!!!

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