wish I was dancing….

I have loved Bangladesh, bright, brilliant, filthy, but I am almost out of time here.

So here I am, groping for answers as to what and where should come next, swinging madly from one choice to another on an almost daily basis.

My lifestyle is demanding but also more than a little addictive. It’s a drug that’s hard to kick and I’m not always sure I want to get clean.

And yet, I think I would like life lived a little less in transit, a smile I could wake up to, maybe even a wall to hang some of these photos on. But perhaps these are just pipe dreams to pad out my bags….

 I am trying to take away the tags, the weight, the worry and ask instead what would I like life to look like, what should be in the tin. It ‘s hard to know, hard to be sure.

I could do with a fortuitously placed fortune cookie, a savy seer, a smoke signal…

It is probably at least a clear sign that I should move on to somewhere with a little more va va voom, that I’m suddenly all nostalgic for the dead, dusty north of Nigeria – just because it was a place where I could dance, move, touch.

There staff meetings turned into dance parties with the help of nothing stronger than dry cookies and sickly soda. Being locked indoors with a 8pm curfew just seemed like a good excuse to turn the music on and the lights down low.

It’s all too easy to look back and give that time a rosy tint.

Back then I railed against my daily half bucket of water, occasional electricity, periodic shocks, constant stress, regular sickness and the seemingly ceaseless diet of goat on goat, and rice on rice.

I honestly never thought a year later I would be bed-dancing to Naija music in a mosquito net a couple of continents away….

Want to join in the jiggle with me?


Wherever I go, whatever I do, remind me to go out dancing…

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7 Responses to wish I was dancing….

  1. cuhome says:

    I love your descriptions that seem to take me to where you are,

  2. Travel! Travel! I will travel vicariously through you. And there’s nothing wrong with a little goat on goat…that sounded better in my head…

  3. The T says:

    I would dance with you anywhere on earth…amazing adventuress…i continue to live vicariously through your words and pics. So many unsaid things…I am tempted, yet…sometimes it’s best to simply smile and allow time and decisions to be what they must. I for one pray you do not go into Africa… I’ve been and it’s not a place for any lady. You must do what you must do….you have a restless heart and you know ultimately you will have to pull your life back together and go back home to be focused once more…when will that be? You have been to the loan of color….I pray you come back to the land of civilization…allowing the pleasantries of manners and food which I know you are missing…there’s not a day that passes without my thoughts of you…that should tell you that I’m worried about you and the fork in the middle of the road…


  4. quotes2live says:

    feeling great to hear ,you love Bangladesh.Because I am a Bangladeshi 🙂
    thank u 🙂

    • I have written quite a few posts about my time in Bangladesh. There is for sure a lot to love there. Although my perspective is very much that of an outsider, it would be interesting to hear what you think so do leave a comment if you get time to read any of the others.

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