thank you for silly…

There are some days when laughter is the best possible pick me up and here there is much that is surreal or plain daft. So today I thought I would share a few of the memories I am saving for a rainy day when I need a smile to hand:

  • the unforgettable Chinese opera that sounded like a cat being killed slowly, at length..
  • being ushered into the VIP section for Chinese diplomats for no apparent reason and then congratulated on my excellent English?!
  • causing a mini riot in a five star hotel by making an appearance on the dance floor – and having volunteers step forward to do my crowd control!
  • being put into yet another VIP section as protection from big moustached men with wildly gyrating pelvises..
  • going to exhibits and being the most photographed thing.
  • the regular random text messages that suggest I get myself de-wormed..
  • learning that deep fried lentil balls have a name in Bangla that sounds like a squirrel sneezing in a strong wind.
  • my lost in translation that caused me to suggested boiled vegetables should be added to trifle to add colour and taste.
  • cooking experiments where I faithfully follow instructions but end up with no idea about what was in the box or what it is I’ve made..
  • trying to food shop when I don’t recognise anything and have serious doubts about whether I really want a snake gourd in the house..
  • speaking Hausa to an Arab, Arabic to a Bangladeshi and then total gibberish to myself.
  • asking for the exit, ending up in the ladies and then hanging around to try and be polite!
  • learning to say ‘breasts together’ in German… which allegedly means cheers if you’re swiss, silly and very very buxom..
  • being overheard calling a street dog ‘sweetheart’ by a giggling local
  • mud bathing in mangrove muck until not an inch of skin was clean and then slip-skidding even deeper into it with the boldest of the kiddies
  • giving new lyrics to  ‘Eye of the Tiger’ – now known as ‘Overweight Tiger’ – because it felt much safer walking in the forest if the big cats were all cutting back..
  • making up my own names for the constellations the sailing overhead – the curly tailed tiger was my personal favourite but the confused extraterrestrial came a close second..
Thank you for silly. Thank you for laughter…
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4 Responses to thank you for silly…

  1. Felipe Neumann says:

    You hot thing! You get to be photographed at places with no apparent reason and also call all the attention of big moustached men with wildly gyrating pelvises! Whoa! lol
    Rolling on the floor laughing. That’s all. 😛

    • There really are a lot of moments to laugh at… here I am cuter than Angelina Jolie but I am not sure it will last once I go home again so I figure I may as well enjoy celebrity status 😉

  2. Judith says:

    Oh, cuter than Angelina Jolie, do enjoy your star status. 🙂

  3. Afterwards says:

    This made me laugh so hard… I love it!

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