thank you for beautiful…

Being thankful is something I have been trying to make a habit of, and today I realised I would kind of like to write Bangladesh a thank you letter!

This is what I would say:

  • Thank you for beautiful, for more moments that take my breath away, for fireflies, for teeming star skies, for burning waves on river roads.
  • Thank you for a level of lovely that hauls my heavy heart up, whether it feels like flight or not.
  • Thank you for the other side of beautiful: the shacks, the tarpaulin homes by the roadside, the people who beg because they really need to. They all remind me that life is full of adversity, that things are usually not fair but that is just the way is, and it there is still plenty to smile about.
  • Thank you for rubbing my nose in my own privilege and keeping it firmly in front of my eyes, for reminding me to count my blessings, to remember that so many things I have are given as gifts,unearned.
  • Thank you for reminding me to be grateful.
  • Thank you for the man who couldn’t speak English to give me directions but checked, chased me down the street and took me where I needed to go with all the care I’d extend to a lost toddler.
  • Thank you for a steadying hand whilst walking a wobbling plank.
  • Thank for people who shoo off their goats to lure me in with sweets, people who are dignified in muddy flip flops, big hearted in little frames and tiny houses.
  • Thank you for food, hot and sweet and sour and good in every plate and piece.
  • Thank you for chocolate UHT when all else fails me.
  • Thank for forcing me to be me like I just crawled out of a cave – slick with sweat, hair uncut, hot, sticky –  yet still me and still at least a little lovely even without lipstick!
  • Thank for lulling me into explosions of colour, into pinks and purples and turquoises that make my at home clothes seem sickly and pale. Thank for glamorous but comfortable!
  • Thank you for making me laugh with things misheard, signs misread, for seeing things from a different perspective that makes it a little lighter and brighter.
  • Thank you for reminding me I often don’t have clue!
  • Thank you for adventuring with me, for inviting me in, for making me welcome….
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2 Responses to thank you for beautiful…

  1. Felipe Neumann says:

    I should write a post just like this… I love it. I’m happy that you’ve been experiencing something that opens your eyes to all the beauty we sometimes doubt exists and, most of all, I’m happy that you feel thankful for it, that happiness has been warming your heart.

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