river life in photos….

I took these pictures during the last few days, which I spent on a riverboat negotiating the maze that makes up the delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghn rivers.

These rivers seemed almost deserving of a different word – they were like nothing I had ever seen before. At times the channels were up to 6km across, so there seemed more river than land as the streams wind, wend, criss cross, meet and break out across the rich green countryside.

At Kulna,where my journey started, the rivers are arteries, pulsing with people and good, dotted with tiny fishing boats.

Gradually settlements thin out and the waters weave through the tangle of the Sundarbans – the largest mangrove forest in the world – before finally losing themselves in the Bay of Bengal.

In the Sundarbans the boundaries of earth and water, land and sea, seemed to blur through knotted forests and abandoned shores. It was a little like something out of a story book.

It was good to have hours with nothing to do but look and watch, to let thought fall away.

I let the sun rise, sink and set, got lost in skies, forgot hours.

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5 Responses to river life in photos….

  1. Gorgeous photos! You make me desperately want to travel to beautiful places..

  2. Felipe Neumann says:

    I love picture 073. This is amazing Laura, I’m so jealous! I hope you’re having the time of your life!
    A little like a story book you say? If I were there, I’d feel like I myself was part of that book! (:
    I love your pictures, keep ’em coming. Miss you!

  3. Hope says:

    You’re pictures are as amazing as your writing

  4. These photos are stunning. I’ve been catching up on your beautifully written and often heartbreaking posts (you’re on my blogroll). Your experience of raw grief coupled with your travels and reflections on your experiences would make a great book.

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