village life in a few photos…

There is water everywhere. Village life in this part of the country seems to float on chains of almost-islands just feet above the the glassy gleam of mirror pools.

Communities cluster around the pools and rivers and lakes, somehow more centred and solid by the reflected repeat of sky on sky, light on light.

The green fields fill the eye until it is hard to believe there could be an end, a city, an elsewhere.

The loveliness leaves me staring, dumbstruck.

Wherever I went I seemed to acquire a tail, curious but shy, a few paces behind.

Someone is always watching me looking…

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4 Responses to village life in a few photos…

  1. Captured beautifully! Memories to treasure…

  2. BEAUTIFUL! My goodness I am so glad to have found you… I look forward to catching up… here I go… Peace, Jen

  3. sheelbeel says:

    Those are some stunning photos!!

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