Uganda in a few photos…

At the foot of a waterfallSun sinkTea field just after the trainI promised I would post some photos from Uganda so here they are, long overdue!

A damp afternoon in the waterfall’s spray

Tea fields after the rain

The sun’s plunge

Life lived in red mud

The rising road

An impromptu photo shoot at a traffic light

An impromptu photo shoot..

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7 Responses to Uganda in a few photos…

  1. Kristie West says:


  2. Gorgeous pics, thanks for sharing!

  3. The T says:

    love looking through your eyes….


  4. John says:

    Wow! lovely pictures and a lovely place! The first picture has a waterfall in the upper right side? What type of camera are you using? A point & shoot or a digital-SLR?

  5. Felipe Neumann says:

    I really love the colors, the first picture is my favorite! I’m excited to see your pictures from Bangladesh now! (:

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