thank you and goodbye…

I’ve got just about a week left in the UK and then I will be moving on again. This time I’m off to Bangladesh for a bit more work – this blog is making an intercontinental tour!

So here I am saying my goodbyes again although the hellos have hardly slipped from my lips and some are still unsaid. Leaving always makes me very aware of all I have here. It makes me want to luxuriate and steep myself in the moment, have it soak through me so that I can take a taste with me  as a safety stash of little joys for the unknown days ahead.

Lately I’m increasingly aware that gratitude is a state of mind but also a habit. Once it has been learned it settles a warmth and a glow inside that can’t easily be displaced. It’s a comfort blanket than I’m keen to weave, thicken and keep around me.

I’m grateful for:

a bed that seems warmer for the toe-felt crisp cold outside
autumn days that crunch beneath my feet
the amber depths of a conker’s sheen
blackberries bursting on my tongue – even sweeter for the risk of grubs!
windfalls – free blessings dropping from above
running my fingers over the lovely curves of carved wood
home that is always home no matter how mired in mess
new friendships growing out of season amidst the brambles
a full fridge and cupboards groaning with my mother’s love
learning to say thank you with a dish cloth and tea pot
a hug and a hand to hold
the nervous excitement of edging towards another new start
being able to be a little different and still be me
the realisation that alone is not so bad
the thought that follows – that alone is never really alone

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One Response to thank you and goodbye…

  1. Talk to me...I'm your Mother says:

    Love your “thankful” bits.

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