life in a tea cup…

Today I saw a banana plant growing in a in a tea cup.

Just a few days ago I watched some its towering cousins staring down the sky, braced against a tropical storm,so I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for for this stunted orphan. It was grandeur lost in miniature, the sea in a yoghurt pot.

For sure the little pot was nice enough, brightly painted to grace a sunbeam, to be a pretty addition. But for all the plant may make a few inches of beautiful, if it dreams of height it will have no where to go, no room to grow. It will never find fruit or stretch for passing clouds.

It occurred to me that though I sometimes feel lost in my life, where nothing is fixed and all is fluid, I am lucky to have space to grow. There is nothing to bind me, nothing to demand that I be tomorrow what I was today.

Life may seem a little less complete, less polished but its expanses are wide open for me. Each day has the potential to break into an adventure.

I am a more like a coconut floating on a ocean. There is nothing to weigh me down or hold me back.

I am free to become, to aspire, to dream. Perhaps all that is uncertain is meant. Perhaps life has emptied out to give me room to reach and rise and blossom.

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One Response to life in a tea cup…

  1. Karishma says:

    Great analogy and what a wise lesson learned! I really love your perspective here. It’s wonderful. It’s simple but so profound. It is helping me see certain aspects of my life in a similar manner. Thank you for sharing this.

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