the best kind of to do list…

Left unattended empty space seems to fill with dishes to be washed, hoovering and a lot of naps. Lord knows I have already taken enough naps..

I want the next week or so to be an experiment in whether the act of choosing can make this free time a little fuller in the best sense, a little more joyful, a little more meaningful, a little more me!

Now I may seem all fluffy poodle feelings and flowers.. but all this emotion hides a organisational whirlwind currently in the closet. I love lists. I love the way a paper and a pen can give you the illusion of being in control, the tick or the score through brings a kind of smug satisfaction to even dull jobs like posting a letter or filling in a form. They could make filling in the census at least a little bit sexy…

When the world is rioting and running amock, I make lists, take deep breaths and reach for me pre-packed emergency bag. Hopefully the zombie hoards can stave off the hunger pangs till I have my kit list sorted and my plan in place since I’ve been a bit off my game lately!

This feels like it might be time for a list to coming singing to the centre stage so here is my to do list for the next few weeks:

I want to go up to the top of a hill to watch the sunrise – just to see how different a day can be when I start it from a different perspective.

I want to sleep under the stars – or at least lie there and look up at them and have them look down on.

I used to write lots and then my inner critic got a bit too shrewd and biting (damn that degree).. I want to write a poem again and I’m this time going to try to focus more on it speaks that whether its properly spoken.

I want to talk to some strangers and remind myself of the bits of me that bubble rather than seeth.

I loved Kristie’s challenge but my good intentions seem to have slipped down the back of the sofa after letter 4 – it will be ressurrected!

I have written about remembering to love the people that are still here but it is far too easy to pack that love away in a quiet corner of my heart… so I’m going to think about how I can out it a little bit more!

I want to do something that scares me just a little and walk a little further than I think I can.

I want to free a few books because I love this idea and there is something lovely about sending words that have been special to me out voyaging to someone else. I may even go retro and put a message in a bottle…

I want to paddle, splish and splash – the sea would be preferable but I’ll take a puddle at a push since I need to learn to find happiness on rainy days too!

I want to dance.

I want to turn my phone off for a while and snap a few of the habits that keep me bound to the idea that dad is still here, still sick.

I want to go on a picnic!

Any suggestions of others things you think it might be good to add? I love your comments so if you have thought please put it down and help me shape my little fledgling adventures!

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11 Responses to the best kind of to do list…

  1. SandySays1 says:

    SO intelligent for a human! Your comments are your soul. My human says that the success of a writer is in the ability they possess to understandably transfer their thoughts and emotions to others. Like him, you do that well.

  2. That’s a great list – I might pinch a few of them myself!

  3. Okay, here are some thoughts:
    1. Sing and laugh in the rain – you can dance too, then you’re ticking lots of boxes and can feel smug 🙂
    2. Watch a sport you’ve never heard of before (nudge nudge 😉
    3. On the days you can’t or don’t feel like writing poetry, read at least one poem instead (I can send you my list of favourite poems if you want).
    4. Cook or bake something you’ve never made before (I can email you the recipe book I’m working on for inspiration if you like – and in fact if you add ‘finish Laurel’s recipe book index’ to your list I will love you forever!) – maybe something for your picnic? Or blueberry pancakes for breakfast? Or
    5. Have a dinner party.
    6. Have a midnight feast (possibly under the stars? You can tell I’m a multi-tasker!)

    • 1, Fabulous idea – maybe I can combine with some puddle splashing
      2, this weekend!
      3, always happy to get new poems to read
      4, I was thinking of adding too.
      5 & 6 sound great – especially 6, I just need to find people to feed….. 🙂

  4. Kristie West says:

    hahahaha you can re-start the challenge any time at all…like today even. 😉

  5. I’m starting Kristie challenge tonight! Eeek! We can support each other through it x

  6. Today I went to the beach and paddled… and maybe getting sandy sticky with an icecream counts as being halfway to a picnic…

  7. I thought I should give an update on my progress against my list:

    I did watch the sunrise but not from the hill as planned…
    I had my starry night in Amsterdam with the moon glinting off the canals.. and watched balloons by starlight
    I owe a poem..
    I have spoken to many many strangers and felt glad to have made the world a little warmer by the effort..
    My thank you letters have been flying out..
    I freed 3 books
    I put a lot of love out…

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