making lemonade…

Things have a habit of not working out quite as we plan. Even the best laid plans are subject to traffic, bad weather and terminal illness.

Since I’m facing a delay rather than a dead end, I’m not going to huff and puff too much, even though I am disappointed.

I thought of just a handful of the countless ways in which I could be worse off and decided I’ll count my blessings rather than stamping my feet and scowling at the skies!

It does make sense to make lemonade out of the lemons. So I’ve chosen to make a holiday out this delay. This time can be my practice ground for finding happiness and taking new steps, without having to take on quite so much pressure all in one push.

It has been good to remind myself I have nothing to prove. There is no timer ticking on my return to the world. Even when I’m grieving, pausing, my world is right here. Work can wait.

So today I walked in the meadows, dangling my shoes between my fingers and teasing the clover between my toes. The sun smiled for me. I smiled back and remembered to appreciate the simple pleasures of not needing to go to work or getting on a plane.

I cuddled the puppy for longer than was really necessary, gave serious thought to the choice of dresses and painted my nails.

Now I’m on a train, trying out a smaller adventure as a warm up for that trip to the pot of gold. Practice makes perfect and being able to make the best of a balls up seems a lesson worth learning.

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2 Responses to making lemonade…

  1. making the best of a balls up is certainly what you managed to do. Hope you enjoy your trips

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