love regardless…

Another memory from way back:

I was about sixteen, my parents were mid-divorce and mired in the mess that flows from that. My dad was moving out of our family home, leaving me behind with my mum, and I was giving being a pain in the ass a damned good shot.

In a quiet moment aside, dad said to me ‘wherever I am, whatever is going on in your life, I want to know. However bad or good, I want to know. If you are wrong I’ll tell you so, but I will always love you. I might tell you you’re wrong but I will merrily kill anyone else who criticises you. You can always talk to me, always tell me whatever, whenever.’

Those words were thoroughly my dad. He loved unconditionally but with clear sight. He could see my faults but would get past them and offered absolute, crazy, almost ferocious, loyalty. I sometimes think only a parent can love like that.

I am sure that my dad would not want a little thing like death to stop us from talking…

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4 Responses to love regardless…

  1. We keep finding points of similarity (I know I am seeking them, and we probably have more points of difference, but I’ll allow myself leeway): parental divorce as a teenager, dad moving out of the family home, and “giving being a pain in the ass a damned good shot” – you could very well be talking about me 🙂

  2. 🙂 It did make me chuckle that I was reading your post as I was reading yours! Reading other blogs is helpful for me – whilst I see every loss is different, it also reminds me I am not on my own and what I feel and experience is not as crazy as it sometimes seems. It always helps to know other are walking the same road. Glad we have both put some distance between ourselves and those stroppy teenagers!

  3. nire says:

    gosh, this is so sweet. to know this love. to feel it. for certain, he “would not want a little thing like death” to keep you two from talking.

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