enough time for love

This memory popped into my head and I wanted to write it down so I can save it for a rainy day.

It was about a year back when dad was sick but he could still walk. We’d go for little wanders around the town together when I was home from stints of work. We had stopped on a bench to let him get his breath. Dad was prodding me for details of the latest guy I was kind of dating and, as ever, I was refusing to give much away.

Dad said to me ‘you need to hurry up’. Like many thirty something women, I’ve heard variations of the tick tock talk many times so that was what I was expecting and was poised with my response. What he actually said was ‘I’ve been thinking about it, and no matter how long your life is, you will never have enough time to love and be loved…. so if you can find someone to love then you should get on with doing that as quickly as you can. I’m not sure there is anything better that you could do with you life’.

I think my dad was pretty smart.

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4 Responses to enough time for love

  1. ebbtide says:

    very wise of your father,… but not always as easy to achieve as we might wish

  2. Lissa Rabon says:

    This is a wonderful memory. I’m glad you are writing them down. You will tell it again. Just watch. Those are life changing moments.

  3. Kristie West says:

    I think he was pretty smart too. As a woman of a similar age and in the same boat that rings true. Wise words. xxx

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